Events in Ramadan 2020

May Allah make this a Ramadan to remember.

Masjid Bilal Luton have organised the following events for the month of Ramadan, which you can partake in from the comfort of your home. Please join us on our Mixlr channels at the stated times:

Daily Ramadan Reminders – Heart touching reminders to bring you closer to Allah and Islam 

  • First 10 Nights: 7.00PM
  • Middle 10 Nights: 7.15PM
  • Last 10 Nights: 7.30PM

Khatmul Quran – A reading of a Juz each night in Ramadan by our own Imams

  • First 10 Nights: 9.15PM
  • Middle 10 Nights: 9.30PM
  • Last 10 Nights: 9.45PM


  • The Purpose of Ramadan – Mufti Wahidur Rahman – 25th April
  • Essence of Worship – Mufti Saiful Islam – Saturday 2nd May
  • Virtues of the last 10 days of Ramadan – Shaykh Abdul Hamid – 9th May
  • Achievements of Ramadan – Shaykh Zubair Aktar – 16th May

We hope that you can tune in and take benefit from these lectures in this blessed month!

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